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  • January 07, 2018 1:20 PM
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    Joyce Ejhinger (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon Fellow PPBA Members, 

    I hope everyone has survived the recent cold snap... Good news is, it is warming up...

    If you have down Summit St. in the fast few days, I am sure you noticed the graffiti that has again disturbed our beautiful community. I am attaching a few photos from the Point Place FB page. These were not taken by me. If you are on FB, I also put the link to the post below.

    I feel this needs imediate concern... I know there is history of how this needs to be dealt with in our community. Remember the grafiti on the old fire station, now Summit St Station Salon. I do not know all the locations but I know it is on the front of the building where General Dollar is located. Also on the side of the building where Elizabeth's Special Day (bakery) & Golden City...

    First of all, I may be a day late and a dollar short... I am not sure how this has been addressed and reported... I know how busy everyone is but I am reaching out to Lindsay & Kellie & Debbie with Block Watch. I am doing this here and sharing with PPBA Board & other members. Hopefully they can inform us what has been done and what we need to do...

    Had our Point Place TPD officer been informed?

    Has Gang Task been informed?

    By who?  Who has information on the status of the report?

    As PPBA President, is there someone I need to be calling?

    Residents are upset, as am I. They are voicing their opinions on FB. I have been a little lenient about some of the foul language as administer of the page. Before I address it, I would like to have some answers. I have no intention to share what we discuss and decied as PPBA.... just that we are addressing it...

    Why do we need to address it?

    This is Our Community... These are our bussineses. I love planning and working on special events but isn't this our First Mission... To Support Local Businesses??

     It needs to be dealt with and hopefully covered up immediately... Good for our community and isn't the major question from  businesses, What does PPBA do for them???

    Now here is the legal side... Hopefully Jim Nowak can address... We can report, have conversations, call a community meeting but can we physically doing anything? 

    Can we purchase paint and get a crew to cover it over? Weather is warming up end of the week. We could get community involved. 

    Do we need to get permission from property owners? Who are they? Many are not local.The criminals do not ask permission but we need to...

    Should we call an emergency community meeting?

    I am sure it will be addressed at next Block Watch meeting...

    I feel we need to be part of the solution now... Not later!

    Some disscussion and action can be saved for February Board Meeting.  The banquet is not the place to address this.

    Possibly looking in to PP security again. Recent robberies like at All Shook Up.   Maybe Legacy Community Foundation purchasing some cameras? Just an idea...

    What can/should I do right now???

    I am putting this disscussion on http://ppba.memberlodge.com/page-1167750. A public forum where we can share ideas and information.  No one knows about this forum but is  right now. Chances of anyone else signing into our website is very low. If we decided any action, I can open up the disscussion and advertise it on FB, to the public...

    Let me know your thoughts by email or on the Forum...




  • January 09, 2018 6:18 PM
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    Thank you Joyce!!

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